Our latest Web build currently has some issues with enemy shooting. Luckily that isn't our target platform, anyways.

Until it's fixed, please try out our Windows standalone build (DirectX9), which is the target platform for our game.

Controls and instructions are also listed below. We hope you enjoy what we have so far, there's plenty more to come.


W,A,S,D - Movement
Space Bar - Jump, Dive, Vault
Ctrl - Crouch, Slide
Esc - Pause game
T - Turn flash light on/off
E - Interact with an object
X - Toggle Night Vision
V - Change Camera Offset
Right Click - Aim
Left Click - Shoot, Melee (if not aiming)
F - Melee, Sneak Attack (from behind)

Passwords to computers currently default to "password" and Keypads currently default to "1234." If you can't find any clues for login information, try those!

A brief introduction to C.A.I.N.

C.A.I.N. is a stealth-action game following Interpol agent Cipher in the near future, when be begins investigating a robotics company leading in the field of artificial intelligence. We're designing the game to be an immersive experience; players are able to interact with computers and switches, bypass security systems, shoot out lights, or cut power to whole grids, as well as hack electronics and robotic enemies, pick locks, and hide in the dark. Objectives may be completed through any combination of stealth, trickery, or brute force that the player wishes.

We are currently in the process of developing custom motion-capture animations to provide a realistic feel to the game.

The standalone build has the advantage of some DirectX 11 effects for Windows users. You can download the zip file by clicking here.

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